Moratoriums are a disaster for ordinary landlords


(Given calls to extend the state and federal moratoriums on rent, the foundation is reprinting its essay of a year ago warning of the damage that such a policy will do to small landlords.)

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Undivided: Coming back together again

The United States of America strikes me as somewhat of a misnomer these days. There have always been a variety of differences and points of...

The Deadly Kurtz Saloon Brawl of 1892: The Shooting


(This is the third of a series about an incident in Kurtz in the northwestern part of Jackson County)

Map maker, map maker, make me a map


This week Indiana lawmakers will very likely approve legislative maps for Congress and those for the Indiana House and Senate.

Feel empowered to let your light shine

By Matt Nicholson I want you to take a second and remember a time you felt empowered. Before I expand more on this thought, let me...

Suffering is a part of Christian life

By Steve Greene A group of men are walking along a dusty road. A beggar is sitting beside the road. He is a blind man. He...

The Constitution: A triumph of compromise

By Mark Franke Compromise. This word wouldn’t score well on a favorability scale these days. People today, and not just politicians, seem to pride themselves...

Poll surveys attitudes on crime, COVID and charters

By Abdul Hakim-Shabazz When it comes to crime, if you think the city of Indianapolis is less safe than it was last year, you’re not...

Flying is back to normal: awful

by Leo Morris SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE OF WIMBERLEY, Texas I’m sitting on the deck at the Roadrunner Ranch, my brother’s place in Texas' Hill Country. The good news...